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The matchstick man.

So there’s this guy at my school who irks the fuck out of me because of his disproportions. Ordinarily, this would just be an average rail-thin male with a height deficiency. But he tries to offset his stature with a huge fucking afro. What’s more, he has ONLY chinstrap facial hair that makes it look like he might be wearing a goddamn Halloween wig. The general effect makes it look like somebody murdered a black man from the 80s and grafted his head onto the body of a child.

Listen, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a short guy or lacking any kind of muscle tone, but I don’t think there’s any reason for ANYONE to be sporting an afro the size of a disco ball in today’s society.

The huge mass of hair atop a stick-like body makes me think of the guy as a human matchstick.

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